Saturday, May 30, 2015

Abstracts in November 2011

58 x50 cm, Paint on plywood, 9 Nov'11.
Artist collection

152 x 61 cm, Paint on plywood, 9 Nov'11
Artist collection

245 x 60 cm, Paint on plywood, 9 Nov'11
Artist collecction

93 x 93 cm , Paint on plywood, 10 Nov'11
Artist collection

39 x 40 cm, Paint on plywood, 12 Nov'11
Artist collection
Note: All the paintings above were created from left over paints left after doing renovation works to our house in Kuching.

Photographing Butterflies in 2015

 I am continually on the hunt for butterflies that visit my nature park in Bintulu.  To start the collection of butterfly pictures I shall focus in this posting those butterflies that  I managed to photograph in 2015.  My interest in photography and love of wildlife keeps me passionate about photographing butterflies.  In order to get more species coming to the park, I have developed an area in the park at Zone C into a Butterfly garden.  This butterfly garden could afford me to be more close-up and personal with the butterflies and hopefully the garden can attract more rare species to the park in future.  For a compilation of butterflies taken at the Butterfly garden  in 2015 which have been properly named, please follow this link here

All the images above were taken in 2015 at Kambatik Park, Bintulu.