Saturday, September 27, 2014

Banana study in crayon

Banana study (Crayon on paper), 30"x20", 1978, Kuching.
This is one of the very rare works done in crayon in 1978.  To know more of the story behind this painting please follow this link ...>>>

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Spray of Flowers" in watercolour

This painting was done while I was a young man in Bintulu.  It was based on a spray of 'plastic' flowers done by my mother from colourful straws.  For more story about this painting please follow this link ...>>>>

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gem of a book

The first book wrote and published in 1981
 It is treasured book of mine.  The first I ever wrote.  It was published as part of my first solo art exhibition held at the Sarawak Museum, Kuching in 1981 while an officer at the BDA (Bintulu Development Author1ty).    For more stories pertaining to the book and exhibition please follow this link..>>>
Comments from the First Solo visitor's book, 1981.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Staging the Children's Theater in 1975

"Dewi Bunga" performed on the school stage by SMK Bintulu students in 1975
One of my adventures while a teacher in 1975-1980 was to stage children's theater.  I managed to stage two plays, one in Bintulu and the other in Kuching.  The Kuching play was called "Tok Belang Lapar".  Both of these plays were written in Malay.  Checkout more pictures and story of the performance of "Dewi Bunga" in Bintulu here

Clay model entitled " Seated Figure"

Clay sculpture entitled " Seated Figure", done in 1968.
The above sculpture in clay was one of the very few clay models I did successfully.  For more pictures and story about the sculpture please follow this link...>>>

Friday, August 29, 2014

MOOD's photography

 With a computer and a camera these days, one can be exceptionally creative.  There are less limitations.  For once we are not bothered with processing the film rolls  to studios which before costs quite a fortune.  Such new opportunities must not be wasted.  Thus I began my journey on photography in this era of the digital camera and laptop.  I would like to put aside a special label on this blog about photography and my special brand called MOOD's's a starter.

Facebook cover design for Birdwatch album - 2013

Cover design - 21 Sept'13

Cover design - 22 Sept'13

Cover design - 21 Sept'13

Cover design - 22 Sept'13

Cover design - 22 Sept'13

Cover design - 24 Sept'13
Cover design - 2 Oct' 13

Cover design - 3 Oct' 13

Cover design - 7 Oct' 13

Cover design - 12 Oct' 13

Cover design - 12 Oct' 13
In 2013, I decided to call my Kambatik eco-farm as "Kambatik Park, Bintulu".  I made this drastic change because I am more convinced of the success in the ecological planning of the park as it gradually become a sanctuary for wildlife.  In order to sustain the interests of my Facebook readers or friends, I created specific cover designs to help highlight or enhance my various postings on the birds at the park.  These designs were named Birdwatch album.  Above are some examples.

Cover design for review of my creativity in 2012

Facebook cover designs on the Bintulu sunset in 2013

Sometimes in May 2013, I did a couple of cover designs for my Facebook account.  These were to highlight on the beauty of the Bintulu sunset.  The designs rely greatly on good photography.  I therefore spent much time to capture the Bintulu sunset for this project.

Some cover designs for Facebook in 2012

Design for FB cover - 10 Dec'12
Design for FB cover - 3 Dec'12

Design for FB cover - 3 Dec'12

Design for FB cover - 6 Dec'12

Design for FB cover - 9 Dec'12
 In 2012, there were many opportunities created by Facebook to allow its account holders to fill in the top section of the FB page with their own cover design.  In sharing many of the happenings at the Kambatik Park in Bintulu I have used extensively this opportunity to design appropriate covers for my daily postings in order to sustain the interests of my FB readers or friends.  Above are a few examples of such design works.

Digital self-portraits

 The years 2010 - 2014 were Facebook years.  One of the many things that I shared were my profile pics which I did based on photographs.  Such art that is based on photos and then digitally manipulated I call photo rendart.  Photo rendart subjects can be very broad to cover scenery, portraits, flora etc.. In this selection are my self-portraits which I manipulated using simple software.  The motivation to do these digital self-portraits is basically to fill in the profile pic slot in Facebook with my own digitally manipulated self-portraits. The dates of the creation of the photos are generally indicated on the pictures to indicate when they were used as Facebook profile pics and shared among my FB friends.